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Wedding Book


At Family Script, we believe that a marriage is one of the best things that happen in a family. A marriage does not only bring two people together, but also their families! And with a larger family, we have more people to love, and even more reasons to celebrate! With two families coming together, along with the family members it’s also their heritage, legacy, culture and rituals amalgamating with each other. It becomes not just crucial, but also a matter of pride to get to know about one’s expansion of family story. And to make this easier and more exciting, Family Script brings you the Wedding Book! Our vision is to add another dimension to the happiness in a marriage, by scripting stories of family pride of the bride and the groom. To preserve the moments of celebration to look back at and get inspired from forever! To have a book that symbolizes the special relationship of the couple and the beginning of their new lives together, to showcase to the young and to the old of the family, to the neighbors and colleagues, and all their friends!



We create Wedding Books to script the experiences and memories; of the firsts to the forevers; the butterflies in the stomach to setting up the house together; the aspirations, dreams and promises of togetherness, of a couple to be cherished and celebrated forever



At Family Script, we help you design your Wedding Book, through the various templates created for the book. We see it not just as a book, but as a window to the bride’s and the groom’s stories. An interactive script of partners, their journeys, legacy, family trees, and cultures. The Wedding Book covers everything that leads up to the wedding day, and goes beyond it to the post-wedding rituals. Our writers and designers make sure that you get the best presentation of your stories with your minimum inputs

Specifications of the product to be mentioned

 • Dimensions of the book

• Cover page- quality/ material/ thickness

• internal pages- quality/ material/ thickness

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