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Family Book


At Family Script, our mission is to keep families connected - not just across space, but through time as well. We are passionate about scripting stories of families, of their journey through the highs and lows of life to where one is at present, because we believe that every family’s story is just as beautiful, just as inspiring and just as magical as the fairy tales we tell our children at night. And what could be better than to have real stories of the people you know which fill you with inspiration and pride to tell everyone!



At Family Script, we help you script your very own personalized Family Book! A special book where you can put in everything about your family that makes you who you are today - your legacy, heritage, family tree, culture and rituals, and much more! We want the Family Book to be a one stop source of pride and inspiration for everyone in your family, a book which you can adorn your living rooms with and the portal through which you keep revisiting the moments you cherish with the people you love.



Our Family Books are designed to give a wonderful and interactive experience following the journey of you and your family in a format that is unique to your family’s story. Our writers and designers make sure that you get the best presentation of your stories with your little inputs. Gone are the days when one had to scour tens of different old diaries and albums to get a story right. We make sure that we script your stories with as little efforts as possible from you. Our vision is to have every family have a Family Book in their homes, proudly showcasing their unique stories to the young and to the old of the family, to the neighbors and colleagues, and all your friends! So come join us in this mission, and let’s Script!

Specifications of the product to be mentioned

 • Dimensions of the book

• Cover page- quality/ material/ thickness

• internal pages- quality/ material/ thickness

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