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A Mother by Any Other Name

Duration of the project- Six months
Output- Book
Project typology- Memoir
Themes- Personality, Familial bonds and Relationships, Mindset and Growth, Career and education, Spatial memory.

The biographical sketch and documentation project of the client aims to capture the essence of a remarkable woman who defied societal norms and instilled invaluable principles in her family. Born in pre-partition India, her journey reflects resilience, determination, and a commitment to education and hard work. Through exploring familial bonds, spatial memories, and personal beliefs, this project uncovers the multifaceted layers of her life and legacy.

Furthermore, we delve into the significance of the different homes in her life—from Ghaziabad to Shahdara and then Hauz Qazi—and how spatial memory intertwines with personal narratives, enriching our understanding of her journey. Our meticulous process begins with initial discussions, archival material collection, photo montage sessions, interviews, and final compilation of a comprehensive narrative that honors her legacy and ensures that her story resonates for generations to come.

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