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Before the Vows

Duration of the project- Two months
Output- Personalized Book
Project typology- Wedding Book
Components- Family history, traditions, cultural practices, migration map, family tree

In the annals of familial history, a profound fabric is woven with threads of memory, tradition, and ancestral wisdom. Within this rich tapestry, the wedding book project was conceived—an earnest endeavor to celebrate the union of two families and immortalize their collective legacy for posterity.

At its core, the wedding book project reflects the enduring power of familial bonds and the mosaic of human experiences that define our shared heritage. Motivated by a deep-seated commitment to preserving the tacit knowledge passed down through generations, this initiative aims to immortalize the untold stories, customs, and traditions cherished by both families.

Central to this project is the concept of documentation—not merely as a means of recording events, but as a vehicle for capturing the essence of familial identity. Through meticulous interviews and archival processes, the project seeks to map the geographies and landscapes that have shaped the destinies of both families, tracing their ancestral roots.

A pivotal aspect of the wedding book project was the creation of migration maps and family trees, meticulously crafted to illustrate the geographical and ancestral journeys undertaken by generations past. These visual representations not only ground the narrative in historical context but also provide a tangible link to the past for future generations. As the wedding book takes shape, it emerges as more than just a repository of past events—it becomes a living testament to the resilience, love, and heritage of two families.

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