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Echoes Of Tradition

The hamper serves as a distinctive rendition of the traditional Indian Tokris to honour the union of the two families. This hamper, on behalf of the Baxi and Srivastava Families, celebrates the deep-rooted connection to our culture, heritage, and one another.

Thus, in an effort to encapsulate the vibrancy of Indian weddings, this was an invitation to a sensory experience through a spectrum of hues, tactile sensations, savory delights, captivating fragrances, and harmonious tunes.

At the heart of our wedding hamper project lies the art of storytelling. Each product within the hamper has been carefully selected and crafted to narrate a tale, weaving together tradition, culture, and personal anecdotes in an exquisite blend of elegance and sustainability.

From the iconic Motichoor Laddoos of Gwalior to the artisanal Coconut Laddoos, each sweet treat carries a story of tradition and taste. Accompanying the sweets are savory delights, including Ragi Ribbons and Gujarati Chakli, reimagining familiar flavors with a contemporary twist. Each jar offers a glimpse into the personalities of the couple, with fun facts shared about the two of them.

In addition to the culinary delights, the hamper includes traditional Chooris, inviting guests to mingle and share in the joy of celebration. The inclusion of bronzeware with golden rice symbolizes prosperity and abundance, turning every meal into a celebration of love and tradition.

Lastly, the hamper features spice blends sourced from the streets of Khari Baoli, offering an immersive experience that engages the senses with aromatic flavors and textures.

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