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Landscapes of Memory

Duration of the project- Six months
Output- Book and Video documentation
Project typology- Memoir
Themes- Landscapes of memory, Cultural roots, Personal life- Family, relationships and self.

In the vast expanse of human history, there exists a multitude of narratives waiting to be unearthed and preserved for generations to come. Within this intricacy, it is often the lesser-known stories of individuals that hold the true essence of wisdom and resilience.

In this memoir project, we embark on a journey through the life of the client, a remarkable woman whose story transcends across geographies and generations. Through a heartfelt exploration, we seek to celebrate her life and pay homage to the wisdom she imparted through her lived experiences.

Her life embodies the crossroads of spatial memory, cultural heritage, and personal triumphs, reflecting a microcosm of the larger landscape. From her upbringing in Odisha to her travels through Santiniketan, Pune, Mysore, and beyond, her journey resonates with that of resilience and adaptability across regions.

Central to her identity is her deep-rooted connection to sangeet, a cultural heritage passed down through generations of her maternal lineage. Her journey as a singer reflects not only her mastery but also her profound understanding of the human spirit, finding solace and strength in melodies that echoed across time and space.

Yet amidst the grandeur of her cultural pursuits, her life was characterized by simplicity—one that belied the layers of wisdom, compassion, and dedication that defined her. Her indomitable spirit, fueled by an openness to learning and an adventurous, experimental nature, drove her to embrace new experiences fearlessly. In preserving her story, we recognize the invaluable contribution of individuals like her to the broader historical arc. The journey offers us an insight into the human spirit—an indomitable force forged in the crucible of adversity yet tenderly vulnerable in its pursuit of truth and belonging.

The project begins with detailed discussions between Family Script and the client, outlining the scope and objectives. A brief is then prepared, guiding subsequent activities and providing a timeline for the project. In the poignant photo montage sessions, memories associated with each image are shared, evoking emotions and recollections.

Archival materials, including letters, documents, and newspaper clippings, are meticulously collected and assessed. Interviews with family, friends, and colleagues provide deeper insights into her life. Finally, all materials are compiled into a cohesive narrative, weaving together photographs, documents, transcripts, and personal reflections into a compelling book, ensuring that the remarkable journey and legacy are preserved for posterity.

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