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Duration of the project- Four months
Output- Book compilation and Video documentation
Project typology- Life Writing
Themes- Early years, Family, Social endeavors, Motivations

The project involves an extensive assessment of the client’s writings and interviews, supplemented by archival assessment to contextualize historical events. The narrative is crafted into a book, preserving the authenticity and richness of their life story and personal writings. In undertaking this endeavor, Family Script recognizes the intrinsic value of every individual's narrative. It seeks to contribute to the collective memory of humanity by capturing and preserving stories like these which might otherwise be lost forever.

The client’s early years were marked by the challenges of displacement and the struggle to establish a new life. The narrative of a family abruptly uprooted from their ancestral home, thrust into an unknown city, and faced with the task of rebuilding is a universal theme that resonates with many. The partition of India in 1947 left an indelible mark on families, and this journey serves as a poignant microcosm of this historical epoch.

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