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The Golden Anniversary Project

Duration of the project- Two months
Output- Personalized Book
Project typology- Anniversary Book
Components- Personal Life- Family & Relationships, Experiences and anecdotes, Family history, traditions, cultural practices, migration map, family tree

At its very essence, "Do Naina ek Kahani'' becomes a vessel, encapsulating oral history, memories, traditions, and the richness of generational narratives. Central to the heart of this project are three pillars that anchor the narrative: a meticulously crafted timeline, a family tree intricately woven with the threads of kinship, and heartfelt messages resonating with love and gratitude from those touched by the couple's bond.

The timeline serves as a guiding light, illuminating the milestones and significant moments that have punctuated their fifty-year odyssey. Meanwhile, the family tree stands as a testament to the interconnected web of relationships that have shaped their lives, bridging the past with the present and the promise of the future. The heartfelt messages, imbued and affection, weave a sense of emotions that reverberate throughout the narrative.

A poignant aspect of "Do Naina ek Kahani" lies in its presentation in Hindi, accompanied by evocative illustrations that lend visual resonance to the narrative. Through meticulous archiving, preserving, and documenting, each chapter was crafted to pay homage to their enduring legacy and celebrate the milestone of fifty years of togetherness.

In its entirety, "Do Naina ek Kahani" transcends the realm of a mere book—it becomes a repository of memories and lived experiences. Through its pages, the couple's journey becomes a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path for future generations and etching their legacy into the annals of familial history with reverence and depth.

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