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Why We Do What We Do?

"Why We Do, What We Do" is a testament to the enduring bond between a father and his young son—a narrative woven from the fabric of familial relationships, geographical landscapes, and the richness of lived experiences. At its heart, this project encapsulates the essence of archiving and preserving the tacit knowledge passed down through generations, offering a profound exploration of customs, habits, and traditions that shape familial identity.

Inspired by the inquisitive nature of his son, the father embarks on a journey of introspection, delving into the depths of generational practices and cultural heritage. The book serves as a repository of cherished anecdotes, illuminating the reasons behind cherished family rituals and traditions.

Central to "Why We Do, What We Do" is the concept of recording the human experience— as an instrument for fostering a sense of connection and belonging. Through heartfelt conversations and shared moments of reflection, the father imparts a sense of emotional resonance to the stories he shares, inviting his son to forge a deeper understanding of their shared heritage. Each narrative is imbued with a sense of emotion, serving as a bridge between past and present, and instilling within the son a profound appreciation for the journey that has shaped their identity.

Ultimately, "Why We Do, What We Do" serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of safeguarding and passing on their shared heritage

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