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Use Wedding Book Reference Id during payment as confirmed on email after form submission ... 

Wedding Book

₹29,999.00 Regular Price
₹25,499.15Sale Price
  • Step 1- Customer selects product to be ordered on e.g. Wedding Book. Detailed ordered steps will be mentioned with price list on each of the individual product pages.

    Step 2 - Customer Logs in / Signs up to website and starts filling out the Product questionnaire form (Eg Wedding Book form).

    • Forms are split between steps to gather customer information each pertaining to sections of the book. Be as expressive as you can as this would give a customised and personal touch to the book (Hints/suggestions provided with each question to help filling).
    • Use 'Next Page' / 'Previous Page' buttons in the form to move between stages. You can save the form anytime by clicking 'Save for Later' button available on each stage to save your work and resume back from where you left.
    • Clicking on 'Save for Later' button will generate a link that will be sent to the email provided by the customer while filling out his personal details on the form. Customer has to use the link to come back to the unfinished form and resume from where he left in the last session.
    • 'Submit' button is provided towards the end of the form which allows customer to finally Submit his form for the order to be processed.
    • An automated email with the form reference number will be sent to the customer on submission, with the submitted the form attached. Customer will still have an opportunity to get in touch with the FamilyScript team on if any changes are required.

    Step 3 - Another email will be sent to the customer with the link for the token amount to be paid to FamilyScript bank account. For order identification Form Reference number should be entered while completing the transaction.

    Step 4 - On receipt of the token amount payment FamilyScript team will start working on the book. They will contact back customer for more information like extra photographs etc.

    Step 5 - FamilyScript Should send another link to the customer (within 2 weeks of payment ) which will allow customer to see how the final book will look like. Customer here would have very limited opportunity to request any amendments.

    Step 6 - Customer confirm on email that he is happy with the book and that it should be printed and delivered to him. Customer here also needs to make the remaining payment (or will be deducted auotomatically from the card details used for previous payment).

    Step 7 - Confirmation email sent to customer from familyScript of receipt of full amount for the product confirming delivery timelines.

    Step 8 - Wedding Book delivered within confirmed date of final payment / as confirmed on email in above step.

    Step 9 - feedback form sent to the customer after a week of expected delivery date.