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Sanchita Hom Roy
Mar 11, 2019
In Relationship
I have always shared a close relationship with my mother. I have seen her struggle all these years and have admired the way she bought up 7 daughters into independent women. But still there were times when I felt that she no longer cares about me especially now that I have grown up, that she has gotten too old and tired from raising us all these years and hence no longer wishes to pay attention. I have always lived according to the principle ‘doing for others’ and since I used to keep tabs on everyone’s basic needs in the house I would always make sure that all of them never lacked in anything from clothes to medicines to household items in a hope that they will also do the same for me. One day while folding clothes my mother shouted at me that why am I wearing such a shabby looking dress torn from sides and that was the point where my patient barrier broke, I started crying and told her how I have always been wearing this dress but no one noticed, how I take care of everyone and their needs but no one does same for me. I blamed her for that dress and left the room. Next day when I woke up mom was nowhere to be found so we thought she must have gone downstairs for something. Four hours passed by and she still had not returned. Now we began to worry, mom had never been out of home, she has depression and we always worried she might never return home and hence did not allowed her to go outside. All my sisters were married and since I was the eldest now I decided to go looking nearby while my sister stayed home. By now it was evening. My sister and I were panicking dad had warned us to never upset mom or give her mental stress. Guilt was taking toll on me questions like what if I had stayed quiet yesterday were roaming in my head. I was making my own conclusion that she had left and was upset at her for making us worry like this. It was too late now and we were about to breakdown when suddenly the door opened and mom entered. In her hands, she had two new dresses and few kitchen utensils. When we asked her, she said that she had went shopping, since she wanted to get cheap and best material she wished to go to a certain market i.e. 10-12kms away, she did not knew which bus goes there so she decided to walk. She walked 10kms back and forth and then personally selected the cheap and best items by roaming the entire market. I looked at her face, she was not bothered that she has been out of home for more than 12 hours walking on busy streets in scorching sun. instead her face was glowing with self pride that she did something for her children that she even after not being out for so many years still knew how to buy the cheap and best material. She gave me dress and went to rest and I kept standing there at the door overwhelmed with emotions I looked at the dress and realized how wrong I was to underestimate a mother’s love. She does not need to show it, for she loves me, always had and always will. That dress became my most special and that moment my most cherished one for in that moment I got my love and respect back for my mom increased by a thousand times.

Sanchita Hom Roy

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