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Every family has a story ... lets script it !


At Family Script, our passion lies in life writing, which encapsulates oral histories, emotions, and memories with a sense of identity. 
Dedicated to the documentation of oral and material history, we curate personalized products that span a vast spectrum. 

We capture the stories of individuals and delve into the foundational narratives of families, recognizing them as the cornerstone of society.
We dig beyond surface-level celebrations and explore the complexities and nuances of Human Subtleties. Honest human experiences are the unfiltered and unscripted moments that make us who we are, and Family Script stands to promote the same. 

Our Projects

In today's digital age, where knowledge often remains tacit within individuals and families, the need to capture and safeguard these intimate experiences has become glaringly evident.

We believe in celebrating honest, unfiltered human experiences that shape who we truly are. Our explorations extend beyond individuals and families to encompass broader communal histories and institutional narratives.

We curate personalised books to capture your memories.

Family Script Wedding book
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Family Script Wedding book
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Family Script Wedding book

Personalized Book on Celebrating 5 years of Togetherness
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Personalized Book on Celebrating 5 years of Togetherness

Personalized Family Book
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Personalized Family Book

Family Book - Sinha Weds Gupta (in London)
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Family Book - Sinha Weds Gupta (in London)

Each family story is unique. Family Script enables individuals and collectives to create their personalized book and hence preserve their legacy.

Theme: Sinha Weds Gupta

Sample excerpts from a customised family book created by our team for an Indian family on occasion of their son's marriage. Both the groom and the bride's family have shared their memorable moments, history and cultural lineage in this book. Perfect start for the newly married couple to cherish and celebrate both families. 

We create Wedding Books to script the experiences and memories; of the firsts to the forevers; the butterflies in the stomach to setting up the house together; the aspirations, dreams and promises of togetherness, of a couple to be cherished and celebrated forever.

Theme: Couple Celebrating 5 years of Togetherness

Sample excerpts from a customised wedding book for an Indian couple who wanted to celebrate 5 years of  married life in style with a book capturing all their sweet memories for lifetime. Their journey from meeting first time through to getting married, settling in their first home in all new city and the dreams they see together

 Every occasion can be documented whether a families struggle, moments of joy and happiness and achievements. Marriage, new birth in the family, anniversary, or a book to document one’s family history and lineage.

Theme: Cherishing Family Legacy

Sample pages from a customised book for an Indian family who had their roots in Banaras but now have moved to different parts of the world. The theme of the book is based out of the ghats of Banaras. It's a perfect way to cherish one's culture and heritage.

The sample books above are just a selection of some our work and there is no limit on the variation we can bring to your book  hence giving a personalized touch that you would like. Remember we script books based of the references you share with us so you may cherish sweet memories throughout your lifetime and also pass it on to future generations.


Our journey is a testament to our commitment to preserving and celebrating the essence of life. 

How This Works
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About us

At Family Script, we dig beyond surface-level celebrations to explore the complexities and nuances of people. We believe that shared challenges and experiences can be just as unifying as shared joys. In a world where digital interactions often eclipse the tangible, we believe in the magic of the written word—the power it holds to preserve moments, emotions, and journeys. 

We curate personalized books and products to cherish and celebrate the bittersweet affair of revisiting old memories and embracing new bonds— the struggles, the achievements, the heartbreaks, moments of thrilling joy and crushing despair, the soft comfort of togetherness, and everything in between.

Our Products


Our journals are thoughtfully designed to elevate your writing experience, providing the perfect canvas for your thoughts and reflections.

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Family Book

We personalize books to document your unique stories and experiences. Immerse yourself in the art of customized storytelling, where every page becomes a canvas for your personal narrative.

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Customer Testimonials

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We are totally in love with team FamilyScript ... these guys are power packed with creativity and talent .. My Marriage book has come out so well we just can't stop flaunting it .. Real jewel for lifetime it is ..


Thank you FamilyScript !!

Client: Celebrating 5 yrs of Togetherness

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