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Institutional documentation, for us, is the art of capturing the making of an institution. It involves exploring the history, culture, and achievements, but primarily, it's about revealing the narratives of the individuals who have influenced its trajectory.

It's a methodical approach to archiving and storytelling to safeguard the legacy and motivate forthcoming generations.

At Family Script, our approach to institutional documentation goes beyond mere record-keeping. It's a journey where we capture the essence of an institution's evolution, vision, and impact.

Central to our documentation process is the application of the "6 Ps" framework: Philosophy, Program, People, Place, Pedagogy, and Projects. This framework serves as a comprehensive lens through which we examine and understand the institution's holistic functioning and impact. By paying particular attention to the intersecting verticals of People, Place, and Pedagogy, we aim to capture the intricate web of relationships, environments, and philosophies that shape the institution's identity and trajectory.

Some of the major aspects covered in our Institutional Documentation are-

1. Philosophy: Covering the foundational beliefs and principles that guide the institution's ethos and practices.

2. Program: Understanding the strategic initiatives and programs implemented to fulfil the institution's mission.

3. People: Elevating the voices and experiences of key individuals, stakeholders, and changemakers within the institution.

4. Place: Examining the physical environment and spatial dynamics that influence the institution's culture and educational practices.

5. Pedagogy: Analyzing the educational philosophy, instructional methods, and curriculum innovations driving the institution's approach to teaching and learning.

6. Projects: Highlighting significant endeavors and initiatives undertaken by the institution to foster positive change and growth.

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