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Within our repertoire of offerings, we curate gift hampers that elevate wedding favors into cherished mementos imbued with the essence of family, tradition, and love.

The idea is to provide families with a meaningful way to express their gratitude to their guests, creating lasting memories that extend well beyond the wedding day.

This initiative is born out of a desire to address the growing trend of standardized matrimonial celebrations across the country. Currently, the wedding experience has become somewhat uniform across communities and regions, largely due to the prevalence of luxury hotels in cosmopolitan settings as the primary venues.

The core aim is to contextualize wedding traditions, anchor them in their historical lineage, traditions and intangible cultures. The idea is to keep alive the sense of heterogeneity yet individuality of the family's inheritance and to provide a sense of belongingness.

We achieve it through various material, experiential and symbolic gestures of Food, Storytelling, Personalized notes and Collective practices during the ceremony. To realize this, we incorporate elements that reflect the purpose of Family Script. These include- Personalized Notecards, Compilation of Family Recipes to name some. 

Understanding the complexities of wedding planning, we intend to design our Family Script elements to require minimal customization efforts. This ensures that the organizing family can effortlessly infuse these personal touches into their wedding celebrations without adding to their stress.

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