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At the core of Family Script, lies a profound commitment to life writing and preserving narratives that define individuals, families and communities.

Through documentation, we embark on a journey to capture the diverse experiences, memories, and emotions that shape one's sense of identity and belonging.

Through immersive interview sessions, we delve deep into the pivotal moments and significant milestones that have shaped the journey. Our approach is holistic, encompassing personal anecdotes and broader cultural traditions, customs, and collective memories that contribute to the fabric of one’s life.

Recognizing the intrinsic value of tacit knowledge—the wisdom that resides in the subtle nuances of lived experience—we are dedicated to preserving and honoring these insights. Our interviews are designed to capture and document this indigenous knowledge, ensuring that it is safeguarded for posterity.

These recordings are not just archival documents; they are living testaments to the power of storytelling to forge connections, deepen understanding, and foster a sense of belonging within families and communities.

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