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About Family Script


In the complex narrative of life, there are moments that forever alter our course, sparking profound journeys. Family Script's genesis is one such story, at the heart of which emerged an idea that began on the bustling streets of Delhi, where my friend Rishi and I engaged in a conversation after an office bunk. We found ourselves contemplating the countless memories tucked away in the cupboards of homes, slowly fading into obscurity with each passing day. The idea we cultivated was simple yet powerful: to unlock these treasures of family stories and individual narratives, preserving them for generations to come. This conversation paved way for a profound vision ahead. 

In today's digital age, where knowledge often remains tacit within individuals and families, the need to capture and safeguard these stories became glaringly evident. With this purpose in mind, a team of six to seven individuals, including myself, voluntarily pooled in. We initiated weekend meetings to refine and crystallize our concept. This journey began in 2015, driven by the shared belief that every story deserves to be cherished, and every memory should find its place in history.


As our idea took shape, a significant turning point emerged when I, in an intimate interview with my grandfather, uncovered layers of family history and emotion that had remained hidden for years. The depth of these stories and the profound connection they carried reinforced our mission at Family Script.


In 2017, Family Script officially came into being, incubated and brought to life by a team led by me, Kshitij Kumar Sinha, an architect and professor, and Dipti Chaurasia. I firmly believed in the power of involving young minds, as exemplified by Dipti, a former student who became one of the company's first directors. For us, it wasn't just about preserving the past; it was also about nurturing and involving the energy, enthusiasm, and fresh perspectives of the youth.


Tragically, the passing of my grandfather further emphasized the importance of our mission. We realized that we had successfully documented significant parts of my own family's history, ensuring that these cherished stories would continue to be shared. 


The inaugural project—a family story transformed into a cherished family book—embodied our commitment to turning memories into legacies. 

Over time, this journey expanded beyond borders, welcoming international clients who entrusted us with their stories. From books commemorating birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings to one particularly transformative project—a father's message to his son—our belief in open, empathetic conversations became our guiding star. This specific project, although challenging and time-intensive, was a turning point. It was a testament to the power of open conversations and the depth of human connections, covering a full range of emotions. It reinforced our commitment to creating narratives that celebrate lives in their imperfect forms. 


As we entered 2023, we embarked on a new chapter in our journey. We welcomed Meenakshi Dubey as one of the directors, bringing fresh perspectives and a renewed commitment to our vision. With a dedicated team by our side, we expanded the scope of Family Script from solely focusing on families to documenting oral histories of collectives and institutions. Our belief in the value of women-led startups is at the core of our ethos, and we are proud to lead by example, adding our own unique chapter to the story of Family Script. Together, we continue to document these living histories, enriching the essence of human existence that transcend the boundaries of time. In doing so, we hope to touch hearts, ignite the spirit, and illuminate the profound depth of the human experience.


Kshitij Kumar Sinha

CEO, Family Script


Our mission is to create a memory treasure chest that captures full spectrum of emotions, dig beyond surface-level celebrations, explores the complexities and nuances of human subtleties, embrace vulnerabilities and encourage individuals to recognise and honour unfiltered truth that defines them by preserving their stories, memories and unscripted experiences.

It will eventually feed into the collective consciousness, allowing the diversity of perspectives and lived experiences to originate, survive, live and thrive at the familial, organisational, societal and hence civilisational level.

Our vision is to be recognised globally by 2028 as an inspirational powerhouse by becoming a living library, a virtual vault where stories are safeguarded, memories are enshrined and the fabric of human existence is curated; thus emerging as a leading and reputed brand that beckons to explore depths of individual’s roots by traversing terrains of history through personal anecdotes and shared narratives.

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