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Our Values

At Family Script, our commitment to core values guides our work. We are dedicated to preserving oral histories, crafting compelling narratives, and advocating for sincere storytelling. Authenticity is our guiding principle, ensuring we faithfully capture unfiltered and unscripted experiences. We approach every narrative with empathetic understanding, unearthing the complexities and nuances that define each one of us. 

In our pursuit of honoring vulnerability, we recognize it as a wellspring of strength, empowering individuals to share their truths openly. Valuing diversity and celebrating culture is integral to our work, as we appreciate the multitude of perspectives and lived experiences that enrich human existence. Through our endeavours, we contribute to the collective consciousness, allowing oral and material histories to emerge, endure, and flourish in society.

At Family Script, we respect individuality, understanding that every personal narrative adds a unique dimension to the mosaic of our shared history. Our commitment is to capture the full spectrum of human emotions and experiences, curating a living library where stories are safeguarded, material histories are preserved, and the essence of human existence and culture is celebrated.

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