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Our Family Books are an invitation to explore the profound connections that bind your family together. It's a story of embracing differences, learning from challenges, and cherishing the moments that shape your family's narrative.

In our Family Books, we weave a rich fabric of components that extend beyond the ordinary, ensuring that your family's unique story is told in all its depth and richness. These components include a visual Family Tree that showcases your lineage and heritage, Migration Maps tracing the journeys of your ancestors, Travel Maps documenting your family's adventures, Ancestral Stories uncovering tales of your forebears, and Family Traditions capturing the unique rituals and recipes passed down through generations. Handwritten Letters express thoughts and feelings authentically, and Customized Maps highlight special family locations. 

These elements come together to create a multi-dimensional narrative of your family's journey—a living testament to your history, heritage, and the collective memory that binds us together, making for the best-personalized family gifts to preserve and cherish memories.

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Wedding Book


At Family Script, we understand that a marriage is not always a seamless path of joy. It's a complex, intricate journey, with layers that go beyond surface-level happiness and form moments of profound growth. 

That's why our Wedding Books are designed to capture the entire spectrum of your union, including the moments that delve into the depths of your relationship.

We believe that acknowledging the complexity of your journey is what makes our Wedding Books truly special. 

A wedding is beyond just the union of two individuals; it's the merging of two diverse narratives into one shared story. The Wedding Books are thus an intimate exploration of the coming together of two families, each with its own history and stories to tell. We pay homage to the heartfelt conversations, the laughter, and the emotional moments that occur when these families embrace each other.

These books specially form for the best wedding anniversary gifts for couples. So when you choose Family Script, you also choose a gift with depth, authenticity, and soul. Your Wedding Book is not just a reflection of your love; it's a mirror of life itself—beautifully imperfect, full of meaning, and waiting to be embraced.

Birthday Book


Our Birthday Books are a heartfelt celebration of life's journey, one birthday at a time. For those who hold their connections with friends, family, siblings, or partners dear, our Birthday Books become a vessel for the essence of these bonds, interweaving heartfelt messages and shared memories into a profound tribute.

In these books, we dig beyond the smiles and laughter; we also acknowledge the conflicts and reconciliations in your relationships which form the very essence of your being. 

Our Birthday Books serve as a lasting keepsake that encapsulates stories that deserve to be shared. They make for exceptional birthday gifts for all your friends and family. So are you ready to embark on this deeply meaningful journey?

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Anniversary Book

Book on the occasion of the couple's 50th anniversary, reminiscing their journey together and all the memories with their children and grandchildren. This book was specially scripted in Hindi on the client's request.

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Couple Book

This book celebrates the five year journey of the couple, the story of how they met, and documenting the dreams they share together. The couple also wants to have this book serve as a token of their love to each other and a means to tell their children the story of their parents.

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Retirement Books

A retirement gift from a sister, this book relives the childhood of the siblings, cherishing their quarrels as little kids and the pranks they enjoyed grew up- all while their love kept them strong together.

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Father - Son Books

A book that preserved the history of the family, the stories of their ancestors and the family heritage. These stories are meant for the younger generation to understand the meaning behind their rituals and appreciate the family values.

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